Sunday, July 1, 2007

F.O.R.D...First On Race Day!!!!

This is the race car my hunny built right in our driveway. Its a Ford Escort, and with lots of welding, tube bending for the roll cage, and painting, he finally completed it and took it out racing. He has another one but its not all that great, its an old Chevy luv pickup but its not feeling the luv too much on the track right now, it still needs some tuneing up to get it up and running fast. He took second place in the race befor last and took 4th yesterday, there was alot more cars out yesterday that seem to be a slight bit faster so he will do some more work to get that baby up to speed to get that first. Wish him luck, he needs all that he can get. I am his #1 fan and i just love being there at the races, they are soo much fun!!!!!

Im too sexy for my hat, too sexy for my hat.....LOL!!!

She is just too goofy, just like her hat says!!!! Gotta love my sister, if she didnt have such a goofy personality just what kind of person would she be???? Love ya Danielle, keep up the goofyness, it just fits ya!!!!