Sunday, November 18, 2007

Intersting things

These are just some interesting things we saw at the races today,so i wanted to share them with you!!! I want to cry when I see that red car cause its exactly like my first car that i got rid of, ohh its soo sad!!!!

A few pictures of a really big military plane that kept flying overhead, umm a cool bomber car that was comming to the races, and a cool looking trailer with a nascar like car in it!!!

A day at the races!!!

Hello everyone, we had an interesting day at the races today in Las Vegas, it was a good day for all!!! My boyfriend races a ministock, the blue car here in the pictures. It was black but now with a new sponsor it has become blue and yellow. Kaley had fun too while walking around looking at all the intersting cars. My boyfriend placed 3rd out of 12 cars, so it was pretty good for him, he wanted 1st but it just wasnt meant to be, but thats ok.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bobbin for Apples....:)

This is what happens when you get suckered into the famous game of Bobbin for Apples at a Halloween Party, but i got to admit, it was pretty fun and exciting considering the fact that i havent done that in like 10 years.....LOL

Friday, September 21, 2007

The thunder rolls...........

t o

This is just some thunder I caught on my digital camera, if you listen really close you can hear it roar. I was about 2 seconds to late for the lightening that struck just befor it. Its kinda dark too but its just the clouds in the sky, hope you enjoy it, tata!!!!

The only time my car actually dont have dirt and dust on it!!!

This is what happens to a car when it rains, it gets CLEANED!!!!! As much as i try to keep it clean it never fails to get the darn thing dirty, espically when you live in the dust bowl of America!!! But i just thought it looked so pretty all nice and clean from the rain, so i thought id show it off.

Its raining, its pouring........

The saying goes, when it rains it pours, well that sure was true for today. It all started around 3am.....THE RAIN.......and it has been non-stop all day. My driveway is one muddy mess. I cant walk outside without growing an inch every time I take a step cause of all the sticky mud. It is nice and refreshing though!!! We havent had a rain storm like this in about a year so it was well over due. Im thinking im gonna go play in some mud tomorrow woth Kaley and get all dirty, something I havent done since I was a kid!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

The coolest bug I have ever seen!!!

Isnt this about the craziest project of a car you have ever seen? Its a VW Bug with big tractor tires on the back of it, I ran across this while driving on a back road here in Pahrump. Ohh the random things that you can find!! I think that is soo cool, so thats why I wanted to share this with everyone!!! Take care, tata, and have a wonderful day!!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gone Fishin!!!!

This is what happens when you get the Henderson family together and let them go fishing, we tend to have some fun and try to catch those "big" fish. The top picture is of the bass i caught at lakeside here in Pahrump, and the bottom one is us kids trying to catch some more fish, were sitten there on the dock just hanging out and having a good time!!! If you have never gone fishing you should really go do it, its alot of fun!!! Well untill next time, have a great day and see ya later.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

F.O.R.D...First On Race Day!!!!

This is the race car my hunny built right in our driveway. Its a Ford Escort, and with lots of welding, tube bending for the roll cage, and painting, he finally completed it and took it out racing. He has another one but its not all that great, its an old Chevy luv pickup but its not feeling the luv too much on the track right now, it still needs some tuneing up to get it up and running fast. He took second place in the race befor last and took 4th yesterday, there was alot more cars out yesterday that seem to be a slight bit faster so he will do some more work to get that baby up to speed to get that first. Wish him luck, he needs all that he can get. I am his #1 fan and i just love being there at the races, they are soo much fun!!!!!

Im too sexy for my hat, too sexy for my hat.....LOL!!!

She is just too goofy, just like her hat says!!!! Gotta love my sister, if she didnt have such a goofy personality just what kind of person would she be???? Love ya Danielle, keep up the goofyness, it just fits ya!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Beautiful Daughter!!!!!

Look at my little Miss Kaley B, isnt she just getting so big and just as beautiful as ever!!!! I guess she had some pictures taken with her Dad in California so i kinda took them off his webpage so i can display them too!!! I cant believe how a picture makes her look so grown up! She just lost her 2 front top teeth the other day at the dentist, so thats good she wont be one of the toothless wonders at school during picture time. LOL..How many of us really have that picture from school with some missing teeth???? I bet lots of us. She was lucky enought to loose all 4 front when she didnt have pictures, must be I sure cant wait to see her again, I miss her bunches!!! Only 5 more days and she will be 7 years old!!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yeah, Yeah,I know I am such a goofball, but hey if it wasnt for me being that goofball where would i get some pictures for my page? Anyone have any pictures out there of something random you did to make yourself into a goofball? I ask you to post them for all of us to see cause it just shows that we do have a humurous side to us sometimes....LOL Hope to see some intersting pictures.......

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kaley being herself, she looks so darn cute. She is getting so big, i cant believe she is gonna be 7 in 3 weeks, time sure does fly by fast when your least expecting it. She will be greatly missed while being gone to her dads house for the summer break. It gets a little lonely in my house around 3 cause thats the time she usually comes home from school and we spend some time together. i miis the late night kisses and hugs goodnight and the crawling in her bed with her to tuck her in. Its only summer, i need to look at it as if she is having lots of fun with her dad cause im sure she is. I miss you and love you baby, see you soon!!!!!!!!

Congrats to my sister, she is now a big highschooler now! I am so proud of her in all that she has done. Shes really smart and very athletic, and good at what she does. The top picture is of her and her boyfriend Cedric and the bottom one is of her with her hall of excellence award she won at her 8th grade graduation. Congrats my little sister, have so much fun in highschool and watch out for the ones that like to pick on the freshman, you can take them, i know you can...LOL Good luck in all that you do. Love ya!

Monday, June 4, 2007

This is my goofy friend Jessie, she is soo funny......This is her in her fishtank, this is how she has to clean it cause it is soo big. I just wanted to share this priceless moment with everyone cause how often do you see a human in a fish tank...LOL

To all you that dont know, this is my Hunny, his name is Brandon. He is a hard working mechanic who loves his toys. He loves to go motorcycle riding in the desert and is in the process of building 2 race cars for the dirt track here in pahrump. He's the do it yourself type or dont do it at all person, by that i mean building his race cars right here in our driveway. He has so much fun doing it and I just love to go to the races and watch him shoot for that first place. He has gotten up to second but no victory win yet, but it will come. He also loves to sit on his butt after a hard day of work and play on his computer or the xbox or just watch some good ol' TV (like he is here in the picture)..Shhhh he dont know I took this one of him, I thought it was cute thats why I am posting it!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Here is my little Kaley all ready for Summertime!!! She just looks so darn cute in her new bikini I bought her!!! And boy does she love to go swimming... We have a pool outside and everyday after school she just cant wait to go out there and play. I dont blame here with the temperatures being in the 90's i would want to go play too. Occasionally I will lay outside next to the pool while she is playing so I can get a little sun on my white body...LOL Well hope everyone has a wonderful summer and stays cool and safe!!!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Just so Beautiful!!!

Have you ever seen something that just gives you those butterflies in your stomach cause you want it so darn bad??? Wel this is what gave me butterflies a few weeks ago. I went with my sister and my mom to a track meet in Boulder city, Nv to watch my brother and this is what I saw when we pulled up and I just could not help myself but to run over and take a picture!!! Anywyas, I just wanted to share that with everyone!!! Here is a challenge, post a picture of something that you have seen that gives you butterflies that you would just love to have!!!!! Hope to see pictures soon!!!!

Me and my friend

Hello everyone here is a post to my mom's challenge. This is me and my friend Jessica. We have many good times together, besides the fact that we practally live together, she lives in the other house on the property in front of mine. She is dating my boyfriends little brother so we are pretty close. You can always see us together at the local walmart or just hanging out downtown. Our favorite time is around 2pm cause its happy hour at sonic and we just hang out and have a big drink from there. Her favorite is the Ocean water which is sprite and blue coconut flavoring, and mine usually is the good ol' fashion vanilla coke..... We just sit and rant about how our day has gone and what we are gonna do tomorrow. We are pretty much alike in many ways so its kinda nice to have her around at times!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

KALEY: " But mom I got this last month, why am I getting it again???"
MOM: " Because you are just so darn smart!!!!!" Thats my girl!!
Hello to everyone, and how are ya??? Its Shila here in the lovely world of blogs, trying to figure this thing out. hat has everyone been up to that I have not heard from in awhile?? I am doing alright, I live in Pahrump, Nevada, a town just about 75 miles from Beatty where I originally came from. I stay at home pretty much all the time taking care of the house duties and my daughter Kaley who is almost 7 years old, she will be 7 in July. She is in First grade, and one of the smartest kids you will ever meet, atleast I think so anyways..LOL. She is my little honor roll girl!!! I guess you can say that everything is ok here for me, atleast I am happy and that all we want in life is to be happy!!! Well I guess thats enough for today, i will try my hardest to remember to keep posting on here...Im hoping to hear from some family I havent seen in like forever...For those that are ever on Yahoo messanger let me know cause I have one too, my name for it is smileygrad2000, hit me up some time and we can chat....Talk to you'alls later...Love ya, Shila ;)