Sunday, November 18, 2007

Intersting things

These are just some interesting things we saw at the races today,so i wanted to share them with you!!! I want to cry when I see that red car cause its exactly like my first car that i got rid of, ohh its soo sad!!!!

A few pictures of a really big military plane that kept flying overhead, umm a cool bomber car that was comming to the races, and a cool looking trailer with a nascar like car in it!!!

A day at the races!!!

Hello everyone, we had an interesting day at the races today in Las Vegas, it was a good day for all!!! My boyfriend races a ministock, the blue car here in the pictures. It was black but now with a new sponsor it has become blue and yellow. Kaley had fun too while walking around looking at all the intersting cars. My boyfriend placed 3rd out of 12 cars, so it was pretty good for him, he wanted 1st but it just wasnt meant to be, but thats ok.