Friday, September 21, 2007

The thunder rolls...........

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This is just some thunder I caught on my digital camera, if you listen really close you can hear it roar. I was about 2 seconds to late for the lightening that struck just befor it. Its kinda dark too but its just the clouds in the sky, hope you enjoy it, tata!!!!

The only time my car actually dont have dirt and dust on it!!!

This is what happens to a car when it rains, it gets CLEANED!!!!! As much as i try to keep it clean it never fails to get the darn thing dirty, espically when you live in the dust bowl of America!!! But i just thought it looked so pretty all nice and clean from the rain, so i thought id show it off.

Its raining, its pouring........

The saying goes, when it rains it pours, well that sure was true for today. It all started around 3am.....THE RAIN.......and it has been non-stop all day. My driveway is one muddy mess. I cant walk outside without growing an inch every time I take a step cause of all the sticky mud. It is nice and refreshing though!!! We havent had a rain storm like this in about a year so it was well over due. Im thinking im gonna go play in some mud tomorrow woth Kaley and get all dirty, something I havent done since I was a kid!!!