Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not your traditional Roses....

These are my pretty not so traditional Valentines flowers that I got from my Hunny. A dozen of Red Tulips, and boy let me tell you they were beautiful in person and they smelled sooooo good! I just wish they would of lasted a little longer, like roses...

Going for it!!!

As you see, he is trying to take the lead, when he comes around the first time, he is really close to the bumper of the little green car, then as he comes around the 2nd time he has passed the green car. Go! Baby! Go! Go! Go!

Dirt Track Racing!!!!!

A day at the races in good ol' Amargosa Valley. There is now a dirt track opened up in Amargosa for those of you that know of the area, its right behind the old ABC mine. We have been there twice now and are having a blast! MY boyfriend got 2nd place in the first race there from starting all the way in the back of the pack of about 10 cars, and this last race he got 4th place, but he would of had 1st this time if he didnt get moved to the back because he accidentally hit another car when it spun out in front of him....OOPS...LOL. Oh well, there is always next time. We go out there every 2 weeks, and its deffintly nice just to get away. It is really fun and exciting to watch him race, and to see the smile on his face when the day is all over.